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E xperience counts!  Especially so, when you are able to combine the years of work and life with the issues we face today.

Lisa’s NoStressEnglish.com has grown to  net   de   and eu with her newly launched Site.   In Berlin,  her work began with the Fall of the Wall and German Unification.

NoStressEnglish represents Lisa and the adult learners she continues to work with at many of Berlin’s Volkshochschulen and the many students she has privately coached and tutored.    Together – they are the people she has helped place, advance in their careers, pass English Language Exams to get funding, as well as land work and studies abroad.

What NoStressEnglish in the Berlin Classrooms offers are

  • Classroom-based International Test Preparation TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge, IELTS, & TELC
  • course specific Online audio and video conferencing,
  • courses according to the Common European Framework, CEF. Visit  the European language levels – Self Assessment Grid of the (CEFR)
  • content outlines,
  • coordinated unit,  grammar points, and 
  • related vocabulary cards,
  • Spoken & Written Skills

In Cooperation With Berlin’s Volkshochschulen Programme

NoStressEnglish has always been Inside the Classroom  and Outside the Classroom in cooperation with Berlin’s Volkshochschulen Programmbereich Fremdsprachen.  NoStressEnglish includes the introduction to Self-learning Strategies to enhance your language skills.  Links to Open Source materials throughout this website offer you the opportunity to continue your language learning long after a course both privately and through coaching and tutoring.

I work in print, digital and multimedia.  My experience includes the EU’s Film Commission, German educational publishing houses, teacher training series and special projects at the Amerika Haus and Britisch Council.    Published, I bring the written word in all its forms to the classroom.  My goal is putting your English Language Skills to work for you.

At NoStressEnglish smiles and fun are measurable Inside the Classroom, Online and Offline.  They are when you take an international test realizing with each question your are prepared.  It is about describing something and realizing later you did it in English without fear or thinking each word through.  It is  about putting your English to work for you studying and working abroad.

Anmeldung  zu den Berliner Volkshochschulen finden Sie hier.   You are able to register directly with the Berliner Volkshochschulen.  Für Lisa’s Kurse klicken Sie auf Erweiterte Suche, dann schreiben Sie Lisa’s Familienname und Vorname, wo die Kursleiterin einzutragen ist und Click!



Or download the Adobe PDF Brochure with the latest 2013-2014 course offerings.


Assess Yourself First Privately

Download our Placement Test then  contact us for advice and course placement..  Click to Download and complete it on your own.  The Test is in PDF Format and can be printed out.  You are able to determine your score.


Impressum & Contact


Erwachsenenbildnerin, Weiterbildung

Torstr. 204  10115 Berlin

Telefon (49) 030 28 59 83 25    Telefax (49) 030 28 59 83 26

E-mail   lisa@nostressenglish.de

Internet: http://www.nostressenglish.de

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