An Offer Hard to Refuse

Can You Refuse the Quizlet Offer?  Let me know.

Imagine 6 different ways to continue learning and remember what you learn.  Quizlet came with one of my own classroom exercises.  It is amazing.  And landing on Quizlet’s Home Page is a treat.  It is a live map of white dots of what and where people are learning throughout the world.

One of my adult learners gave a class presentation on Quizlet.  She intensely uses it.  All smiles, she gladly took the vocabulary sheets accompanying our class game.  The function is to introduce participants to a chapter’s words while enabling them with continued self-learning strategies to refresh long after the class.


The 5Ws English Description through Doing

Similar to Taboo, our game has each take their turn to describe a word without saying it.  They explain who might use the word, where it might be used, why someone might use the word and what the word might be used for.

The one up next is the individual who is first to identify the described word.  For the course it has the group learn to manage their game and maintain their conversation.  It enables them to become comfortable speaking not to mention pre-learning some of their unit’s vocabulary.

So my bilingual vocabulary sheets with English on one side and German on the other were hits.  By their expressions, no one intended to give them back.

Back to Quizlet

Now imagine you had the power to multiple the learning individually by 6(x) times for classrooms as well.  This is what Quizlet does.  It keeps its promise of making simple tools to study anything, for free.

So the young woman beaming with her vocabulary sheets demonstrated her Quizlet options.  She presented her

  • Quizlet Flashcards and the possibility of hearing each word pronounced in both languages,
  • She showed how Quizlet tracked her progress and reviewed what she got wrong,
  • She demonstrated how Quizlet is capable of creating group games requiring her to match words to their definitions ahead of friends,
  • Then there is Quizlet and its Speller having you type what you hear,
  • Even more amazing is how Quizlet creates tests automatically,
  • And how Quizlet offers a space race program requiring people to type the words before their definitions vanished.

Her presentation showed how it synchronizes with a mobile device and laptop.  Quizlet claims it works on any device with Google’s Chrome or Apple’s Safari, Android and iOS!

It humbles my Taboo though both are a tip.   Let me know if you would use it.

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