Discover Banjo & Elfe

Discover Banjo & ElfeDiscover Banjo & Elfe

Discover Banjo & Elfe!

Discovering Berlin, its talented up and coming artists and featuring them through social networks has become a passion for the duo who call themselves Banjo & Elfe!

On top of their day jobs both bring international experience and service to their Berlin Blog of 8 months “Fundstücke aus der Mutterstadt” – “Berlin Discoveries.” They are making waves getting bands and an array of Berlin artists discovered.

It  is the common thread weaving through Peggy’s or ‘Elfe’ and Andreas’ or ‘Banjo’ lives.  They are the ‘the-get-it-done people’ who help others by doing what they do best.  It’s the  ‘win- win” they are reaching for.  Banjo & Elfe

On Other Continents – Australia & America

Together, they are building social networks merging it with their own business system based on discovery.   Peggy’s and Andreas’ professional experience began on other continents.

Native Germans, Peggy started blogging what she describes as ‘post cards’ from Australia while living and working there.  On yet another continent away, Andreas made a name for himself working in the elite hotel trade and home to the America’s southern metro city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Berlin Debut and Serendipity

Service, networking, and blogging has marked their Berlin and Potsdam hometown debut for both when each discovered the other.  A comfortable, easy match bubbling with energy, chance, and decisiveness.

Recently, I caught up with both asking how they came up with the name Banjo & Elfe for their Blog and Website.  The pair  admitted it was a process by chance.  They explained how they had skipped through magazines, puzzling, then more research before coming across the names Banjo and Elfe. In English it rings of serendipity which is after all what they do as well discovering artists. Serendipity.

Their name and initial unofficial website blog triggered a lot of attention, they said. It prompted questions and positive feedback from friends.  So they kept it making Banjo & Elfe the registered name of their start-up.

Peggy and Andreas have worked together in their day jobs for some time. They both know a lot of creative people who don’t seem able to do enough for their own marketing. Today creative is not enough and takes the know how and use of linked social network marketing.

Consequently, Peggy’s Internet skills with content management systems and blogging, and Andreas’ business experiences and organizational skills turned into the Blog and Website to promote smaller Berlin and Brandenburg artists who are not present yet in social media and to wider audiences.

Rolling out their unique German logo “Fundstücke aus der Mutterstadt” or “Berlin Discoveries,” they focus on the diversity of mostly unknown artists in our region.

Since January 2013 Banjo & Elfe have featured a growing cast with clown, band, singer, painter, film-maker, Designpanoptikum – museum for industrial objects. Have a look yourself

Making Their English Work For Them

Like their earlier years, both have made a living while gaining the professional experience they know and use today working in English. Their Blog is in German and English to include the many people from around the world who live in Berlin inspired by the City’s creative potential.

Surprising too,  Banjo & Elfe have an ever growing foreign Blog readership along with Facebook friends whose lingua franca is English no matter what their mother tongue.


Full-time shift work is not ‘out-of-the-picture,’ both acknowledge.  But they do have the support too of an IT-specialist who is fine tuning while turning their business model into a soon to be launched Website that works for their clients and them.

Of course both appreciate networking, especially with a win – win outcome.  The media, marketing, radio, television and film are all socially linked in an entertainment matrix leaving no-one behind.

But then that’s what Banjo & Elfe are all about with their “Fundstücke aus der Mutterstadt” or “Berlin Discoveries.”  Discover  See what they do and enjoy what they discover in German or English.  Cheers!


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