Putting Your English to Work for You

Leveraging Your English for Fun and Profit.

Some people standout.  Take Maja Benke.  She got the idea of writing a travel blog while waitressing in a Portsmouth Café.  But that is getting ahead of the story.   Early on when studying landscape architecture she also began travelling on her own a lot. It’s become a passion.

Earned and  Learned

It’s not special until you realize she is a native speaking German.  Her Portsmouth, England, visit lasted 4 months.  She earned, learned and is putting her English Language Skills to work for her.  She chronicles her shoestring travel budget.

Her Passion

So she is putting her English to use more often than not in her blog, on the road and in social relationships.  She has added to her repertoire couchsurfing in Malaga, Spain and Copenhagen, Denmark.  Couchsurfing is a form of hospitality and accommodation exchange.  Maja is part of it all and busy.

But writing a blog in other than your mother tongue stands out.  What a way to enhance your Language Skills.  And wow, she has mapped out Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, and London.  More specifically it is information and tips on hostels, renting a bike, walking tours, beaches, breakfasts, transportation and the cheapest cities for a trip in Europe.


Even more surprisingly, she demonstrates how she has learned French Online taking a course taught to native English speakers. She is doing what she practices and practices what she is doing.

But she is also clear none of it ever ruled out her learning in a classroom either.  I met her when she took my grammar week in the evenings.

They Reminded Me of  Maja

And now I see there are others seeking to follow in Maja’s steps.  Recently, I took a WordPress Course in English at one of our Berlin Community Colleges.  Other than the instructor, I was the only other native English speaker.

It was a leveled English playing field in html and css

Surprisingly, the instructor’s booked out course had many young Germans, some Turkish, and a Korean.  It was a treat to listen to so many fluent non-native speakers of English putting their English to work for them.


It is beyond English.  It brings us back to Maja and where we started this story.  She stands out.  Visit her Blog if you get a chance.

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