Speaking a Language Without Borders

Dagmar Wankowski speaks to many in a language without borders.  What she does works for her.  It earns her a living and continues to give her a sense of pride and personal joy.  It  fuels her passion.

Watching Others

At exhibitions of her work, she is still surprised by visitors‘ reactions.  Smiles, focused concentration,  sharing with pointed fingers, all silently strike a responsive cord in her passion.

It also confirms the attention to her art in acrylic and water colors, from floral to abstract compositions.  Her passion to paint began in childhood.  Her simple wish then remains today to share the beauty of nature.

Her wonderment never ceases discovering  the beauty of nature‘s natural art work. She discovered it all in her grandparents‘ garden.  It has accompanied her ever since, not in words but at the end of her painter‘s brush.  Dagmar will tell you she wants  to capture your attention.

While English is her medium too, German is her mother tongue.  Nevertheless, it is this Berliner’s  art that has caught one of the East Village‘s top 10 galaries.  The East Village being in part of New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood where some 200 registered galaries compete for the art world‘s attention.

Chelsea‘s Agora Gallery

Chelsea‘s Agora Gallery has her already scheduled.  Her Exhibition Announcement is from the 22nd November to 13th of December.  Her public reception is planned for the 5th of  December where the art world can meet and mingle with the artist. Bringing her to New York started with her entry to an Agora competition.  Dagmar WanKowski 2009 Art

Another Milestone

It also reflects on her former profession as a German film editor.  For many years she had captured the director‘s vision, the actors‘ interpretation of the writer‘s sense, and cinematographer‘s moment into  fleeting seconds of celluloid viewed by many on screen and television.   It is another profession that speaks without borders.

Getting your art to speak and work for you has many faces.  Borderless, no translation is needed nor necessary.  When you think about it, Dagmar does not even need to be at her own exhibition.  Her art speaks and works for itself and her.

Now she is preparing for her Winter Exhibition in the Village while refreshing her English and living her German.    You are able to view Dagmar’s Exhibition here. Dagmar speaks a proficient English but that has not stopped her from continuing to enhance her language skills.

More than a Decade and a Half Ago

More than a decade and a half ago she participated in my Cambridge English Courses at a Berlin Volkshochschule.  Back then, her film editor‘s union was struggling to come to terms with the Internet while confronting the need to enhance their English Language Skills.  It was long before social networks and Dagmar wanted a separate workshop and not a course on how to make the Internet work for her colleagues too.   It was a revolutionary notion back then when we discussed it.  It was long before the birth of social network when people were arguing of the use of email.

But how to get the attention of highly skilled professional female editors in the film trade.  It became clear many in those days had no idea that their studios were cranking out bios and film credits with every feature film for what was then very limited Online usage.

Even more daunting was how to get their attention to a soon to be digitally linked global world.   Gutenberg’s printing press hearlded the return of Columbus, while the Fall of the Iron Curtain across Europe has marked a new millennium, the linked in World of the Internet and digital media leaving our industrial world behind.

The Workshop

The Workshop  became a how to on  integrated Internet research basics laced with  working English Language Skills.  It  featured every attendee, who had little to no knowledge that the information about them was borderless and out there.  A wakeup call it was a success.  It prompted already skilled film editors to enhance their lives and careers gaining more control what was going Online.  It is all about making your English work for you.

Back to Future

Of course, that is what got Dagmar to recently contact me.  She wanted to share the exciting news that an art gallery in the New York‘s East Village was interested in exhibiting her work.  Having known her as a film editor it was catch up time to see another side of an artist.

It‘s about celebrating our common heritage communication and speaking a language without borders.  You are able to visit Dagmar’s WebSite here.


Lisa White © Berlin, Germany 2013


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