You & The 5Ws Introductions


All my English Language Courses are intensive lasting either a weekend or a week. As people enter the computer room for the first time they choose seats setup circling a long conference table.

The table divides the room with each side paralleling equally long rows of single desks and network computers. Everyone is able to swivel between a learning-boardroom experience to access print, digital and multimedia.

The 5 Ws

As each enters, they are handed a card with the five Ws: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Once seated and paired with their neighbor the doing begins. Each is asked to interview the other taking notes. They are then instructed to introduce each other to the group.

Laughter breaks out with each getting to know the other. It usually lasts no longer than 20 minutes. Learning the importance of first names in the English Speaking World, what their neighbor does for a living, where they come from, why and what they want from the course all prompts a flurry of action. In an intensive course, knowing each other establishes trust and a sense of working together. No Stress English begins right there. A course starts.

The Foundation

A cornerstone for many English Language examinations is evaluating spoken skills. It is no different here.

And during their introductions, my paced interruptions are repeating each introduced name. By the end – if the group is 11 people strong, I have repeated each individual’s name times 11.

Instructional, it is about the importance of remembering first names. The first 45 minutes of the class ends.

Consider using it when getting to know others professionally. You will be amazed in the magic of first names and learning them.


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